Company History


Zulu Glasstek was set up in January 1989 by Peter Wells to offer a composite glider maintenance and repair service. The unusual name was chosen for sentimental reasons. When Pete worked in Africa, he worked with a Zulu man who was simply known as Zulu. This man was his only company between weekends, and although they didn’t speak each others languages, they were good friends. The second source of the name was Pete’s first glider, a humble Swallow which was simply designated “Z”.

Pete worked in the business for several years starting with a year working for Ralph Jones at Southern Sailplanes in 1984. In 1985 he worked for Grob through Chiltern Sailplanes delivering 110 G103 Acros through RAF acceptance. In the winter of 1985 he worked for Rolladen Schneider in Germany for 6 months at their factory learning about new glider production through prototype work on LS7 wings, and repairing gliders damaged in the World Gliding Championships at Rieti. In 1936 he worked for Chiltern Sailplanes at Booker. This was followed by 6 months working for the Gliding Club at Donaldson Dam in South Africa. Returning from Africa in early 1987, Pete was crew and repairer to the British Gliding Team at Benalla World Championships where the 15m class was won by Brian Spreckley. Then followed a year working for Booker Gliding Club maintaining and repairing club gliders and tugs. During this time, Pete rebuilt Super Cub G-AWMF from a box of bits!

Throughout this time, Pete also spent his spare time rebuilding a Pik 20B and later an ASW19, that being the only way he could afford a glider of his own. With such varied experience behind him, the time was ripe for setting out on his own.

The first workshop was near Booker airfield and was an old turkey shed that had previously been used by John Edgley to build the prototype of the Edgley Optica. Zulu Glasstek then moved to a larger unit near Princes Risborough for 4 years before setting up a permanent base at Baileys Farm in 1995. Pete

The opportunity arose to become the Schleicher UK agent in 1998. Since that time, we have sold many dozens of the excellent Schleicher products with the ASG29 being the cream of the crop.

Zulu Glasstek became involved by chance with the German Streiker family who designed the excellent Silence Twister single seat homebuild aerobatic aircraft. Pete used to fly an RF4, which was definitely a classic aircraft but he always felt it would be possible to design a composite aircraft that would incorporate the RF4s classic handling with better performance and more durable structure. After flying the Streiker’s Twister prototype, he felt he had found that aircraft and is now Silence Aircraft’s UK agent. For further information about the Twister click here

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